Chemistry. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

Since 1981, our customers have trusted Polychem to find innovative ways to apply chemistry to their unique requirements. As a respected and reliable leader in custom rubber-dispersion compounding, we modify chemicals to reduce operating costs and:

Polychem has the knowhow to accomplish customer-revenue-generating results. And, we use our expertise to teach our customers how to do it themselves.

Our mission

Polychem provides performance additives that enhance your products and processes. We continually improve our quality service through creative discussion with customers and suppliers, as well as stringent compliance standards. And, we view ourselves as a partner rather than vendor, treating your trade secrets as if they were our own.

ISO certificate

View our Certificate of Registration.

Our facility

Located in the industrial hub of Middlefield, Ohio, our continually expanding 70,000-square-foot facility is ISO 9001 certified and well equipped to meet every need and capacity, from lab samples to multi-truckloads. It houses state-of-the-art mixing, blending and packaging equipment including:

  • Plow mixers with high-intensity choppers
  • Rubber-mixing mills
  • Internal mixers
  • Vertical twin planetary mixers
  • Slow-turn sigma blade mixer
  • Large-capacity drum and tote ovens
  • High-intensity vertical shaft mixers
  • Fluidized bed processor/dryer
  • Automated vertical form, fill, and seal machines
  • Highly customizable manual hand-packaging stations with automated collection capabilities

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