Agglomeration of raw materials


A textile manufacturer was experiencing a high scrap rate in the production of specialized commercial printing blankets. These delicate monofilaments, and the surfaces they come in contact with, needed to be completely blemish free. The manufacturer knew that roller-surface agglomeration was causing the problem, but was unable to resolve the issue.

Polychem process

After a thorough analysis of the existing process, Polychem determined the nature of the discrete particles that were casing the blemishes. We put our experience to work, applying a dispersion process we’ve perfected for other applications. This process brought the roller surfaces up to the exacting tolerances the customer required.


At Polychem, we pride ourselves in the ability to apply our skills and experience to new challenges. In this case, rather than providing an enhanced material, we optimized our customer’s manufacturing process to reduce waste and boost their bottom line.

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